What are the contemporary issues of today? (Adriana)

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-Global warming

-United States elections

-Middle East situation

-Whatever United States make up to hold up the economy of the country. 

What does a politician do? (Adriana)

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For me, a politician is someone who is involved in political activity. It is also someone who influences and decides the course of a society representing the aims of a political party.


I often think about a politician as person exceeded by the responsibilities of his job so what most of them do is a shoddy work.

I also think that the information about their activities is so manipulated by media that for sure we have a total distorted perception of it. We acknowledge what they do when we suffer the consequences of their decisions.

keeping information (pole)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Will’s comment of me working on not giving out all my ‘information’ before hand, but little by little. it’s intersting to hear someone else’s observation on how one (seems to) work. but I’d like to say that it hasn’t been my intention. so if I try to think why it looks like that I would say: it’s not that I’m not saying things, but I think it’s more related to how I can deal with what comes out of rehearsal. sometimes I’d rather see things in a specific order, and not mixed up, for the sake of my own clarity (not to mention that I also think that giving out a lot of instructions or context information might be confusing for you guys to work with…). I think that I can keep better track of which kind of parameters provoked changes that I like or dislike, etc, etc.
but again, it’s very interesting to hear about your perception of the way we are working.
also: I think we really need to get back to doing stencils, and that that seems to be very important to maintain as a (regular) practice.

Rehearsal: I like Yurie’s Formatting (william)

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1: Was the rehearsal productive? and 2: Why?

It depends on what productive means, for who, what etc.
I agree with Magda that is helped us be together as a group and this is interesting although to what end?
I think it is also interesting that we are looking for ways to bring the stenciling into the body.
I think that the structure of the rehearsal was not one conducive to easy moving, but was useful for bringing the act of cutting closer ‘conceptually’ at least into the body.

3: Which part of the rehearsal was the most productive?
I dont know – but probably the cutting. It depends from which point of view you look.

Impro-how did I work?

I worked with the things Gonnie has been working with us on as they relate to how Pole asked us to work with detail etc.

The three impros had individual focal points which were as follows:
1,Focus on detail and non-repitition
2,Eye focus and interaction
3,Interaction and space (was the weakest as far I could see as far as my concentration was concerned and interaction wih the group went).

I remember something with ZOOMING in/out as Stephi mentioned was important

was the reharsal productive? why? which part/ what was productive? (magda)

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yes, i think it was productive. i see it setteled down in the whole process.

i liked the concentration.

and i think we were a group (community, hm…) and this seams to me the most interesting

I feel like we established something.

and for me, it was about the engagement.  the question for me after this rehersal was: how can you keep the engagement.

i don’t feel like dividing this rehearsal in parts, it was a whole, one thing

see you people soon

rehearsal 05/04/08 (magda)

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free associations with the rehearsal, written down just after:

cutting, trambeling knife, running, being present, being a group, wooden floor, consentration, being together






and the 3 rounds of moving, Ist one: from the fealing of the body after unconfortable cutting – stiff wrists




association with work with Gonnie

association from the space

IInd round: task: keep on working on staying open, see! more taken from the others, still detail & diversity as the task

IIIrd round: a bit lost

fluidity (that was hard) – less diversity, focus on the group, not outside it, lost detail & consciousnes


Questions (yurie)

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1: Was the rehearsal productive?

2: Why?

3: Which part of the rehearsal was the most productive?

For me, yes… I don’t really know what “productive” could mean in the process.  There was something interesting  and I think that could help to find next step. So…yes! I cannot choose which part was the most because I felt everything was connected. What I found interesting was not only from certain part.

5 April rehearsal (yurie)

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Impro-how did I work?  1st: focus on details.  I felt a lot of  “stop” moments and gesture-like movements.  2nd: focus on a little more continuity and eye focus.  But I still felt a lot of “stop” moments. 3rd: only focus on continuity. This time, lines from stencil became my inspiration. I felt I didn’t think about anymore details.

Words-these came to my mind after the rehearsal.  colonization/control/power relation/narrow-wide/zoom in-zoom out/concentrate-release/micro-macro/follow/obey


today´s rehearsal: productive? (stephie)

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Yes, I do think we had a productive rehearsal today. Although I did not finish the cutting of the stencil (this would have fulfilled the economical aspect of having produced a material good), I experienced a productive and creative effort. Indeed, the PROCESS of the cutting, the real time experience which is triggered by this action, becomes much more present and important to me.

The cutting of the stencil is the generative motor of my movement.

The cutting of the stencil enables me with the power of producing movement.

Striking: the different states of mind during the stencil cutting (ZOOM IN) and the movement impro (ZOOM OUT).

During cutting: almost meditative state of mind, frozen thoughts, primitive, dulled, simple

During movement impro: constant mind shifts, thoughts are floating, complexity, multiplicity

The combination/ interrelatedness of both and the transition from one into the other make me curious.

Todays´s rehearsal made me more curious. I am excited to continue this journey with you… 

rehearsal 05/04/08 (stephie)

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impro one:

-projecting/ drawing pathways in the space. my limbs as brush. me in a helicopter. looking down on the serpentines which worm their ways through the mountain landscape.

-touching/ experiencing different surfaces with the palm of my hands. zooming into details (texture of the floor, sound, shadows projected on the floor, wholes in the wood etc.)

impro two:

-recalling and exploring bodysensations from the previous stencil-cutting (curved upper back, cramped index finger, mini movement with my toes, tensed right shoulder, running nose, crunched collar bone, slicky glue on my fingers…)

-trying to see and trace pathways in the space and on the bodies/ faces of y.m.w.     i identified cables, foldings in curtains and clothes, wrinkles on faces, shoelaces etc. as streets of free movement association

impro three:

-challenging myself with the task of staying in continuous movement, being aware of my focus and not repeating my favourite movements all the time

-taking immediate impulses from y.m.w.