rehearsal 05/04/08 (stephie)

impro one:

-projecting/ drawing pathways in the space. my limbs as brush. me in a helicopter. looking down on the serpentines which worm their ways through the mountain landscape.

-touching/ experiencing different surfaces with the palm of my hands. zooming into details (texture of the floor, sound, shadows projected on the floor, wholes in the wood etc.)

impro two:

-recalling and exploring bodysensations from the previous stencil-cutting (curved upper back, cramped index finger, mini movement with my toes, tensed right shoulder, running nose, crunched collar bone, slicky glue on my fingers…)

-trying to see and trace pathways in the space and on the bodies/ faces of y.m.w.     i identified cables, foldings in curtains and clothes, wrinkles on faces, shoelaces etc. as streets of free movement association

impro three:

-challenging myself with the task of staying in continuous movement, being aware of my focus and not repeating my favourite movements all the time

-taking immediate impulses from y.m.w.


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