today´s rehearsal: productive? (stephie)

Yes, I do think we had a productive rehearsal today. Although I did not finish the cutting of the stencil (this would have fulfilled the economical aspect of having produced a material good), I experienced a productive and creative effort. Indeed, the PROCESS of the cutting, the real time experience which is triggered by this action, becomes much more present and important to me.

The cutting of the stencil is the generative motor of my movement.

The cutting of the stencil enables me with the power of producing movement.

Striking: the different states of mind during the stencil cutting (ZOOM IN) and the movement impro (ZOOM OUT).

During cutting: almost meditative state of mind, frozen thoughts, primitive, dulled, simple

During movement impro: constant mind shifts, thoughts are floating, complexity, multiplicity

The combination/ interrelatedness of both and the transition from one into the other make me curious.

Todays´s rehearsal made me more curious. I am excited to continue this journey with you… 

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