Rehearsal: I like Yurie’s Formatting (william)

1: Was the rehearsal productive? and 2: Why?

It depends on what productive means, for who, what etc.
I agree with Magda that is helped us be together as a group and this is interesting although to what end?
I think it is also interesting that we are looking for ways to bring the stenciling into the body.
I think that the structure of the rehearsal was not one conducive to easy moving, but was useful for bringing the act of cutting closer ‘conceptually’ at least into the body.

3: Which part of the rehearsal was the most productive?
I dont know – but probably the cutting. It depends from which point of view you look.

Impro-how did I work?

I worked with the things Gonnie has been working with us on as they relate to how Pole asked us to work with detail etc.

The three impros had individual focal points which were as follows:
1,Focus on detail and non-repitition
2,Eye focus and interaction
3,Interaction and space (was the weakest as far I could see as far as my concentration was concerned and interaction wih the group went).

I remember something with ZOOMING in/out as Stephi mentioned was important

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