keeping information (pole)

I’ve been thinking a lot about Will’s comment of me working on not giving out all my ‘information’ before hand, but little by little. it’s intersting to hear someone else’s observation on how one (seems to) work. but I’d like to say that it hasn’t been my intention. so if I try to think why it looks like that I would say: it’s not that I’m not saying things, but I think it’s more related to how I can deal with what comes out of rehearsal. sometimes I’d rather see things in a specific order, and not mixed up, for the sake of my own clarity (not to mention that I also think that giving out a lot of instructions or context information might be confusing for you guys to work with…). I think that I can keep better track of which kind of parameters provoked changes that I like or dislike, etc, etc.
but again, it’s very interesting to hear about your perception of the way we are working.
also: I think we really need to get back to doing stencils, and that that seems to be very important to maintain as a (regular) practice.

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