24.04.2008: physical struggle/fight while pronouncing speeches, shifting from one orator to another; individual recolection of the movements from the struggle; manipulating each other through the images printed on the t-shirts; explored usage of the t-shirts

23.04.2008: introduced idea of lithurgy around the transfer of the image (stencil) on the t-shirts; worked on speeches; group improvisations introducing elements we’ve already worked on (stenciling the space, speeches, piling up bodies, using the t-shirts and papers as objects)

22.04.2008: partial rehearsal (Stephie, Pole); worked on speeches

19.04.2008: worked on speeches; practiced in different ways, trying to refine the performative aspects of a political speech

18.04.2008: finished the first full set of stencils and transferred them to t-shirts

15.04.2008: explored again stenciling the space with body parts; also following each other in the paths of cutting in the space; played with piles of people striving to be on top; started working with speeches by imitating peoples speeches in spanish, by trying to improvise speeches in own language or with very reduced range of words, by trying to reproduce speeches broadcasted simultaneously; also tried to pronounce speeches while being in the body piles

08.04.2008: explored the transposition of the stenciled lines into the space, or stenciling the space with our feet or with the pelvis

05.04.2008: produced stencils + produced movement; alternating, going back and forth in between moving and cutting. question: was this rehearsal productive? why?

24.03.2008: watched a movie (we went for ‘Akira Kurosawa’s dreams’, rather than: ‘An inconvenient truth’, ‘Gunner’s palace’, ‘V for Vendetta’, ‘ENRON, the smartest guys in the room’ or ‘Raise the red lantern’). read the answers to our questions and talked about them.

20.03.2008: produced stencils
questions: 1) What does a politician do? 2) What are the really contemporary political issues of today?

16.03.2008: bring images to treat them as stencils. different stages of producing stencils

16.03.2008: meeting with adviser

09.03.2008: find at least one or two images (on the internet, magazines, etc) that you
feel attracted to, and that you would consider ‘political’ – discussed what makes them ‘political’ – introduced stencils as a technique

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