What do polititians do? and What are the main contemporary political issues? (william)

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Polititians make careers of producing spin in order to get one up on one-another. They strive to be at the top. Seemingly regardless of the fundamental ‘politics’ of their party’s cause. I think a politician is someone actively involved in party politics. The idea (for me) about what these party polititians should be doing is preserving and improving the socio-econimical and political status of the country and constituents they SERVE. Alas, this is not always, or rather rarely seems the case. In fact what I often observe is a number of ego centric battles between the few top dogs of the 2 main parties (in UK politics) slandering one another to proove who is the better man (note man, not polititician). This is becuase politics is so central that the political differences between major political parties is so marginal that they must resort to insulting one another like stupid gays.

Main contemorary political issues….

I agree with Gda that post-colonialism is a main issue today with many repercussions throughout political discourse in the former colonial powers of europe. Britain (as my information tells me) is currently focusing on reducing immigration and increasing deportation of assylum seekers and post-colonial citizens. Another is Environmental issues. These discussions are yet to be taken under serious debate in contemporary political forums, but are issues which have an increasing imminance to be discussed. Also, the Nationalising of the western european political scene. With a rise in the coming to power of Nationalist parties, I see a growing need for action on what the people of these countries need to be undertaken – to prevent them becoming ‘too’ extreme.



What are the most important political topics nowadays? (magda)

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postkolonializm & nonequality of the regions & political problems in postcolonial areas (what I mean is ethnicity baised conflicts and conflicts with esthablishing legitimate authorities)


emigration politics


tension west – islam world

What do the politisians do? (magda)

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What the politisianns do we can only imagine. Or, if you had un uncle who was a deputee or just a member of a party. But if not, you see only news on tele and texts in press. But then, you don’t know what they do, you know only what somebody decided to show. So baised on my knowledge, experiance and imagination: polititians talk a lot, debate, they give ideas on what is neaded to be changed, they criticise yeach other in front of the cameras. But also, they show up in certain places in certain time. And they promote their ideas.

What are the contemporary political issues of today? (yurie)

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1. Environmental issues -global warming, water/air pollution…etc.

2. Religious issues-conflict between religions/nations.

3. Global gap between rich and poor-the rich become richer, the poor become poorer.

What does a politician do? (yurie)

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My image of politicians…

First, they say something attractive to people.

Then, they often do something different from what they said.

They struggle between the ideals and the realities.

Contemporary political issues (meri)

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One of the most contemporary political issues would probably be the situation in Tibet and the up coming olympics in China. These subejcts leads to the question of the human right policy that China represents. The talks about boycoting the olymbics have evoked an other kind of discussion; what are actually the most efficient means to get China more concernd about the human rights? 

 An other contemporary political issue would (still) be the war in Irak and all the after effects it has caused. It seems that there is still a lot to talk about the role and responsibility of USA in the afterwork of the war, while the conficts in the country (Irak) are still happening. 

Politicians (meri)

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A politician is somone who is busy with issues that concern big groups of people. He/She is normally part of one partie and is expected to represent the values of that partie in his work.

A politician is working around comman issues and problems. These issues and problems can be economical, environmental, ethical, continental, international, etc.

During his day, a politician probably writes and talks a lot, maybe also moves from one place to an other.

anecdote (pole)

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I’ve been wanting to post this story for a long time. I think I’ve already told this anecdote to everyone but anyways, here it is. I heard it from my mother a couple of months ago.

She was visiting a new university in Buenos Aires and met with the director, who showed her around the building. Two classrooms had been named after two Argentine writers-politicians: Arturo Jauretche and Jorge Abelardo Ramos. Both of them have been very influential thinkers for left-wing politicians in Argentina, yet they are not mainstream so not so well known. My mother knew Ramos personally, and has great admiration for him, so she was very happy with the finding.
The director of the university commented then that many students actually didn’t know this people at all, and at looking at their schedules would say things like: “Tomorrow I have a class with Arturo Jauretche”, who has been dead for almost 35 years. The man said then to my mother that this kind of confusion, the fact that university students have no idea of who this men were, made him very sad. But at the same time, he said, he found it comforting to think that with time at least the names would drop somehow into the vocabulary of the people who studied there.

I like to think about this kind of strategy where discussing more abstract or overall issues, things that are a bit more distant from you, also allows you to include almost casually in the discussions ideas that might be very dear to you. I like to think of the value of some sort of equivocal communication, where your thoughts appear maybe only in the periphery.

I keep thinking that meaningful things always have a certain degree of ambiguity.

Which global issues are discussed in contemporary politics? (stephie)

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1. The fight against terrorism
2. Climate protection
3. Nuclear arms reduction
4. Antipoverty program

2) What are the really contemporary political issues? (pole)

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Global warming and the climate change, and exhaustion of natural resources Presidential elections in the United States of America
China’s economic growth, rise into economic power
Transnational terrorism / war on terrorism
War in Irak
Migration and borders
Unemployment and poverty

Political situtation in Cuba / succesion of Fidel
Crisis between Colombia and Venezuela + Ecuador